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Maine Coastal Triple Crown 

A new swimming achievement category was created in 2018 in conjunction with two other epic open water swims in Maine. By completing the Nubble Light Challenge (2.5m), Peaks to Portland (2.4m) and the Islesboro Crossing (5k), you'll become one of the few elite swimmers to achieve the Maine Coastal Triple Crown of Swimming.   


Submit your results to us and we'll put you onto the list.     

There are only 26 swimmers that have achieved this incredible feat of athleticism and adventure (that we know of).   Be next on the list of this elite group!  The certificate you will receive upon completing of all three swims is shown below.

​1. Mike LePage
2. Meredith Farnum
3. Megan Ouellette
4. Marc Farrar
5. RW Estela
6. Susan Knight
7. Liz Mcghee
8. Carl (Gunny) Gisseman
9. Peter Casares
10. Christopher Sweet
11. John Gale
12. Lisa Childs
13. Gail Turner
14. Sam Manhart
15. Amanda Smith Dakowitz
16. Alyssa Langlais

17. Brian Furtak

18. John Leonard

19. Mary Weickert

20. Alina Perez

21. Lynn Festa

22. David Backer

23. Julianne Ciraldo

24. Julie Mahony

25. Lois Judge

26. Harris (Chad) Nusbaum

27. Stacey Linehan

Maine Coastal Triple Crown Certificate.j

Maine Coastal Triple Crown Certificate 

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