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Swimmers will start (8:30am) on Long Sands Beach and swim past the Nubble Light House, going through "the gut" between the lighthouse island and the mainland.  The race finishes on Short Sands Beach.   This is a total distance of approximately 2.4 miles.   You will be given 2 hours to complete the race.   The course is always a bit different from year to year based upon the conditions of the ocean and where the course buoys are set.  Refer to the Race Course Map at the bottom of this page.


The ocean conditions in Maine are notable for two reasons: (1) cold temperatures year round, and (2) unpredictable surf conditions.   Temperatures rarely exceed 65 degrees at any time of the year.  Even in the middle of August, ocean temperatures can be in the low to mid 60s.  Swimmers must arrive at the race prepared for cold water conditions.



Unless you are experienced in swimming in cold ocean waters please do not attempt this race without a wetsuit.   PLEASE NOTE:  If the water temperature on race day is below 58 degrees, wetsuits will be required for all competitors (unless you have a pre-race day permission from the race director).  



Kayaker escort is not required and is optional for each swimmer.    The course will be supported by numerous safety personnel on kayaks and rescue boat.  If you choose to bring your own kayakers, they must be experienced in open ocean kayaking and have the ability to “self rescue” in the event of a rollover during the race.

Each kayaker must sign a waiver attesting to their abilities on race day.  Kayaks will be inspected to ensure it meets safety standards.   Each kayaker must wear a personal flotation device during the entire race. 


Further details will be provided to the swimmers prior to race day.   Parking is limited.  Carpooling is strongly recommended.    A shuttle bus will be provided to assist those wishing to park remotely and to move spectators from the start to finish line.   


Post-race snacks will be provided for swimmers and kayakers at the finish area. 


Due to the ocean conditions or other weather factors, the Race Director reserves the right to cancel the race at any time if unsafe conditions may occur.   There is no "rain date" for this event and no refunds will be provided. 


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