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Michael Phelps Foundation

We are proud to announce the Nubble Light Challenge

supports the Michael Phelps Foundation

This year we are proud to partner with the Michael Phelps Foundation (located in South Portland, Maine) to bring the IM Program to the Boys & Girls Clubs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The IM Program offers a multifaceted lineup of water safety instruction, recreational aquatic activities, structured swimming, and health, and goal-setting education. Our vision is for every child to have quality access and support in three key areas: water safety, healthy living (physical & emotional wellness), and goal setting (pursuit of dreams). If we reach our fundraising goal of $30,000, we will help the Michael Phelps Foundation reach almost 400 children (this equates to 3,200 swimming lessons)!  Find out more about the Michael Phelps Foundation here:

More About the IM Program

The IM Program offers a multifaceted lineup of water safety instruction, recreational aquatic activities, structured and organized swimming, and health, wellness, and goal-setting education.   

Each program provides participants with structured, age-appropriate programming as well as an opportunity to earn IM Program medals by reaching program goals.   

IM Safe

  • Provides each participant with the opportunity and encouragement to become comfortable, confident and safer in and around the water.

  • Utilizes progressive instruction (at a comfortable pace) that teaches the fundamentals of water safety and promotes an overall comfort in the water with a curriculum focused on four specific principles: Breath Control, Buoyancy, Balance, and Body Position. 

  • Offers water skills review and supporting instruction, as required, ensuring that all IM participants are qualified for other water programming activities.  


IM Fun

  • Keeps participants (who have passed the Water Skills Review) of all ages and skill levels active in the pool and coming back for more by creating a fun, structured environment that fosters the continued development of in-water skills and confidence.

  • Provides age-appropriate, structured, in-pool activities, featuring some of Michael’s favorite pool games.


IM Fast

  • Provides participants a coordinated training regimen that utilizes in-pool swimming skills instruction to further develop the swimmer’s overall fitness level and help athletes reach their fullest potential. 

  • Focuses on the development of individual strokes, starts, turns, lap swimming, and racing.

IM Healthy

  • An interactive health and wellness program developed by the experts at Nemours’ 

  • Offers education on the basics of healthy living, including eating right, managing stress, mental health strategies, and being physically active.

  • Each lesson includes an instructor’s guide and member handouts for use during the lessons and/or at home. 

IM Successful

  • An interactive goal setting and planning program developed by the health and development experts at Nemours’ 

  • Offers instruction on how to identify and achieve goals.

  • Lessons are conducted in a group setting.

  • Based on the simple but effective Dream, Plan, Reach strategy that Michael has used throughout his life.

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