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August 3, 2024 - 10th Anniversary & Final Swim Event

Celebrating the Life of Anthony Reed (scroll down)

2024 IS SOLD OUT!!

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Join us for a 2.5-ish mile ocean swim around the Nubble Lighthouse peninsula by way of swimming through "the gut" which is the waterway located between the mainland peninsula and the island housing the Nubble Lighthouse.  The gut is shown in the photo below (just scroll down)

Celebrating the Life of Anthony Reed

This year’s NLC swim on August 3rd will be dedicated to Anthony Reed.  Anthony is the reason why the NLC swim event began back in 2010. Anthony’s father, NLC Event Director Bob Reed, created the NLC swim as a charity event for the benefit of NAMI-Maine.  Bob wanted to give back to NAMI-Maine in return for the help his family received and to raise awareness of the valuable work they do statewide.  Anthony was an exceptional young man and was loved by all who knew him. He is greatly missed.   


More information about Anthony can be found here


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